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MMS Design is the perfect solution to the digital & design needs of your business. Any questions? Just ask!

About the Designer

MMS Design is a team of one, Megan McGee Stoyles. I do it all; from accounting to finalizing projects, and everything in between. When you work with me, there is no "middle man". With direct communcation, I will be able to understand exactly what you want and what you need.

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Megan McGee Stoyles

Designer & Founder

Thank you for visiting my site! I love being a graphic designer but it's not all that I am. I also explore the great outdoors with my husband and dogs, win at video games, and care for my menagerie of pets. Through these experiences, I stay on my toes, and am inspired to learn and try new things.

My Skills

These days, graphic designers should be well-rounded. And I am no exception to the rule!







• Eye-catching to draw more in

• Creative to stand out for all the right reasons

• Comprehensive design across the board

Web Development

• Responsive sites for all platforms

• User-friendly for everyone to understand

• Modern and interactive design to stay current and attractive

Social Media

• Strategic plan to achieve the maximum exposure

• Advertising that doesn't turn people off

• Connection to the community


• Fresh new look to attract a new crowd

• Unique compared to the competition

• Only Yours, for your business, specifically tailered

The Process

  • Discovery Meeting

  • Research

  • Design

  • Development & Testing

  • Launch

My Portfolio

Training with Katie

Training with Katie is a personal training gym with a great location in a quaint building. They previously had a flashy website that didn't match their brand or clientele. I created this simple but modern site to better represent the gym and target clientele.

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Parker Pet Care

Parker Pet Care is a pet care facility providing dog and cat lodging, daycare, and grooming. I designed posters for various activities/events for clients, and interal postings as well. Staff are trained to monitor the health of the guests and record any concerns. On the left is an example of a scoring chart for staff.

On the right is a poster for a weekly pool party for dog guests.

First Aid Training with Katie

I created this website without any prior branding. There was a lot of content to add, but it is displayed clearly, and is easy to navigate. I regularly update the site's content quickly and accurately.

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Parker Pet Care

Another company created this Wordpress website, but I took over to keep it current. I matched the current branding and added pages, updated content, and created forms.


To be a designer, you have to be creative. I think it's important to be inspired by the art around you, but to also think out of the box. I make a point to create as much as possible. Here are a few of my most recent examples.


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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



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